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IN RE: Isaias L. PALACIOS (2023)

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United States Court of Appeals, Fifth Circuit.

IN RE: Isaias L. PALACIOS, Movant.

No. 22-50792

Decided: January 18, 2023

Before Higginbotham, Jones, and Oldham, Circuit Judges. Isaias L. Palacios, Huntsville, TX, Pro Se.

Isaias L. Palacios, Texas prisoner # 1709341, moves for authorization to file a second or successive 28 U.S.C. § 2254 application with respect to his conviction for two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and one count evading arrest and detention in a motor vehicle.1 He is one of many Texas prisoners who, after previously filing state habeas applications, have since learned that Weldon Ralph Petty, the state prosecutor who opposed their state habeas applications, was also employed by one or more district judges to prepare findings of fact and conclusions of law in those same habeas cases.2 Palacios argues that the shared work of prosecutor Petty and the presiding judge denied his constitutional right to an impartial judge and his requested jury instructions.

Palacios does not rely on a new rule of constitutional law, he rather relies on newly discovered evidence—collusion of Petty and the judge—which he argues deprived him of a fair trial. Assuming, arguendo, that the factual predicate for this claim was previously undiscoverable “through the exercise of due diligence[,]”3 the facts underlying this claim do not “establish by clear and convincing evidence that, but for constitutional error, no reasonable factfinder would have found [Palacios] guilty of the underlying offense[s].”4 Palacios argues that but for the collusion, the presiding judge would have included his requested jury instructions for duress, necessity, self-defense, and deadly force in defense of a person. But, as addressed on appeal, these jury instructions are unavailable to Palacios because he did not admit to the conduct through his own testimony or through statements he made to other individuals, as required by the doctrines of confession and avoidance.5 Palacios therefore fails to make the requisite prima facie showing that but for the collusion, no reasonable factfinder would have found him guilty of the underlying offenses.6

To the extent that Palacios attempts to present a claim of actual innocence, this Court “does not recognize freestanding claims of actual innocence on federal habeas review.”7 Likewise, he may not rely on an assertion of actual innocence to serve as a gateway to overcome the bar to successive filing.8 Additionally, infirmities in state postconviction proceedings are not grounds for relief under § 2254.9 Thus, none of Palacios's proposed challenges state a claim that is cognizable on federal habeas review.10

Accordingly, IT IS ORDERED that the motion for authorization to file a second or successive § 2254 application is DENIED.


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