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IN RE: Scott David ROBINSON (2023)

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Supreme Court of South Carolina.

IN RE: Scott David ROBINSON, Respondent.

Appellate Case No. 2023-000715

Decided: May 15, 2023


By order dated February 9, 2023, this Court placed Respondent Scott David Robinson on interim suspension and appointed the Receiver. In re Robinson, 438 S.C. 442, 883 S.E.2d 663 (2023). Since that time, the Office of Disciplinary Counsel (ODC) has received letters from two medical doctors as to Respondent's condition. The first letter establishes that Respondent is currently unable to practice law and will not be able to resume the practice of law in the future due to his condition. The second letter establishes that Respondent's current condition renders him incapable of participating in any disciplinary investigation or assisting in the defense of formal disciplinary proceedings. Accordingly, ODC requests that Respondent be transferred to incapacity inactive status under Rule 28, RLDE, Rule 413, SCACR, and that formal proceedings be deferred. Respondent, who is represented by counsel, consents to ODC's request.

IT IS ORDERED that Respondent is hereby placed on incapacity inactive status. Based on the record and the parties’ consent, the Court finds Respondent is unable to practice law or participate in the disciplinary investigation, and further proceedings under Rule 28(b), RLDE, are unnecessary at this time. Any formal disciplinary proceedings against Respondent are hereby deferred; however, ODC may continue to investigate any complaints. Rule 28(f), RLDE. Respondent shall remain on incapacity inactive status until further order of this Court.

s/ Donald W. Beatty, C.J.


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