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Description Date Docket #
STATE v. GIBSON April 23, 2018 No. 2015–108–M.P. (P2/12–2199A), No. 2016–149–Appeal. No. 2017–317–M.P. (PM 14–4730)
AHEARN v. CITY OF PROVIDENCE BY AND THROUGH MANCINI April 11, 2018 No. 2016–48–Appeal. (PC 15–196)
BALLARD v. SVF FOUNDATION SVF April 10, 2018 No. 2015–351–Appeal (NC 13–499) No. 2015–352–Appeal (NC 08–655) No. 2015–353–Appeal (NC 00–340)
IN RE: JAMES H. April 9, 2018 No. 2016–295–Appeal (00–1831–5) (00–1831–6) (00–1831–7)
BARROS v. STATE April 4, 2018 No. 2015–304–Appeal.
TERZIAN v. LOMBARDI April 3, 2018 No. 2015–340–Appeal (PC 11–2346)
STATE v. PORTER March 22, 2018 No. 2014–231–C.A. (P1/11–2541AG)
WU CARTER v. CARTER March 14, 2018 No. 2017–49–Appeal (K 15–592)
ABC BUILDING CORPORATION v. ROPOLO FAMILY LLC March 14, 2018 No. 2016–343–Appeal (NC 16–215)
Christopher Warfel et al. v. Town of New Shoreham. March 2, 2018 No. 2017-125-Appeal. (WC 16-550)
DISANO v. ARGONAUT INSURANCE COMPANY February 28, 2018 No. 2016–309–Appeal (PM 14–4568)
JAFFE v. POURNARAS February 23, 2018 No. 2016–298–Appeal (PB 14–2228)
IN RE: JOSEPH C. February 20, 2018 No. 2015–324–Appeal. (04–2556–4)
SAURO v. LOMBARDI February 20, 2018 No. 2016–170–Appeal (PC 14–3388)
GRASSO v. RAIMONDO February 12, 2018 No. 2016–83–Appeal. (PC 13–3121) No. 2015–378–M.P. (PC 14–4953)
Stephanie Flynn et al. v. Nickerson Community Center et al. February 5, 2018 No. 2016-114-Appeal. (PC 13-4669)
North Kingstown School Committee v. Ken Wagner et al. January 19, 2018 No. 2016-241-Appeal. (WC 16-128)
The Gerald P. Zarrella Trust et al. v. Town of Exeter et al. January 16, 2018 No. 2016-301-Appeal. (WC 15-218)
Paul E. Pontarelli v. Rhode Island Department of Elementary and Secondary Education et al. January 16, 2018 No. 2016-336-Appeal. (PC 15-4450)
STATE v. RAINEY January 11, 2018 No. 2014–348–M.P (P1/12-463A)
STATE v. MINIOR January 11, 2018 No. 2016–57–C.A. (P2/14–3481A)
CAFFEY v. LEES January 9, 2018 No. 2016–0254–Appeal , No. 2017–0079–Appeal. (PM 15–5649)
APTT v. CEDARZ MEDICAL AND COSMEDICS INC January 9, 2018 No. 2016–306–Appeal. (PD 15–3691)
STATE v. SIMPSON January 8, 2018 No. 2016–283–C.A (P1/82–1097A)
State ex rel Town of Tiverton v. James Pelletier. State ex rel Town of Tiverton December 15, 2017 No. 2014-123-C.A. N3/09-238A No. 2014-124-C.A. N3/09-238B No. 2014-298-Appeal. NC 09-443
RETIREMENT BOARD OF EMPLOYEES RETIREMENT SYSTEM OF CITY OF PROVIDENCE v. CORRENTE December 15, 2017 No. 2015–246–Appeal, No. 2015–244–Appeal, No. 2015–243–Appeal
Sevan (Bjorklund) Cappuccilli v. David A. Carcieri, M.D., d/b/a Medical Office of David A. Carcieri, M.D. et al. December 15, 2017 No. 2015-46-Appeal
Juan Pimentel v. Deutsche Bank National Trust Company. December 15, 2017 No. 2016-135-Appeal. PC 11-357
Lehigh Cement Co. v. David Quinn, in his capacity as Tax Assessor of the City of Providence, Rhode Island. December 13, 2017 No. 2016-118-Appeal
IN RE: A.S. December 13, 2017 No. 2017-0413-MP
Michelle Hall, individually and as the Natural Parent and Guardian of minor Kanasia Hall v. Kim Hornby, R.N. et al. December 8, 2017 No. 2016-281-Appeal.
State v. Thomas Mosley. December 8, 2017 No. 2016-11-C.A. P2/10-3252A
Pamela Azar v. Town of Lincoln, et al. December 7, 2017 No. 2016-267-Appeal.
Jeremy Motyka v. State of Rhode Island. Jeremy Motyka December 5, 2017 No. 2014-356-Appeal. NM 09-249
Keith Burke v. State of Rhode Island. December 4, 2017 No. 2015-177-Appeal.
STATE v. WITHERS November 21, 2017 No. 2015–204–C.A. (P3/14–809A)
Eric Neufville v. State. State November 16, 2017 No. 2016-125-Appeal. PM 14-461 No. 2016-124-C.A. P2/12-1323A No. 2016-123-C.A. P2/11-1362A No. 2016-122-C.A. P1/14-1594AG No. 2016-121-C.A., No. 2016-120-C.A. P2/03-3234AG No. 2015-362-C.A. P2/03-3184A No. 2016-125-Appeal. PM 14-461 No. 2016-124-C.A. P2/12-1323A No. 2016-123-C.A. P2/11-1362A No. 2016-122-C.A. P1/14-1594AG No. 2016-121-C.A., No. 2016-120-C.A. P2/03-3234AG No. 2015-362-C.A. P2/03-3184A
STATE v. HUNTLEY November 14, 2017 No. 2016–105–C.A. (P2/15–118AG)
STATE v. PETERS November 14, 2017 No. 2016–113–C.A. (P2/15–98A)
State v. Daniel Tejeda. November 8, 2017 No. 2016-242-C.A
State v. Luis Padilla. November 3, 2017 No. 2015-87-C.A. (P1/11-180C)
STATE v. BLANDINO October 30, 2017 No. 2016–115–C.A. (P1/14–2045AG)
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