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Nebraska Court of Appeals Cases

Welcome to FindLaw's searchable database of Nebraska Court of Appeals decisions since January 1997. Cases are browsable by date and searchable by docket number, case title, and full text.

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Description Date Docket #
STATE v. HINDS September 12, 2023 No. A-22-762.
AUXIER v. AUXIER September 5, 2023 No. A-22-386.
SCOTT v. DORRANCE August 29, 2023 No. A-22-786.
IN RE: ESTATE OF Calvin J. CHESS August 29, 2023 No. A-22-782.
NOVOTNY v. NOVOTNY August 15, 2023 No. A-22-226.
KUDERA v. BELINA July 25, 2023 No. A-22-787.
IN RE: Interest of JESSALINA M. July 18, 2023 No. A-22-678.
HAWKS v. HAWKS July 11, 2023 No. A-22-578.
SCHULTZ v. STATE June 20, 2023 No. A-22-387.
STATE v. JANIS June 13, 2023 No. A-22-842.
NELSON v. LAHM June 13, 2023 No. A-22-669.
KEE v. GILBERT June 6, 2023 No. A-22-317.
Doug Watson et al., appellees, v. Michael R. Pick, appellant. May 30, 2023 No. A-22-203
STATE v. SAMUELS May 23, 2023 No. A-22-077.
IN RE: ADOPTION OF ANTAEUS A. May 16, 2023 No. A-22-594.
CAPITAL ONE BANK USA v. TAFOYA May 9, 2023 No. A-22-052.
IN RE: Interest of JORGE A. May 9, 2023 No. A-22-870.
STATE v. SIERRA May 2, 2023 No. A-22-211.
STATE v. WYRICK May 2, 2023 No. A-22-176.
KOTAS v. BARNETT April 25, 2023 No. A-22-399.
STATE v. RASHAD April 25, 2023 No. A-22-097.
STATE v. CRISS III April 11, 2023 No. A-22-508.
STATE v. BETTS April 11, 2023 Nos. A-22-094, A-22-096.
EVAN v. LAURA April 11, 2023 No. A-22-230.
PERRY v. BUCHANAN April 4, 2023 No. A-22-060.
ALLEN v. ALLEN April 4, 2023 No. A-22-389.
STATE v. GARCIA PELICO March 28, 2023 No. A-22-535.
WHITE v. WHITE March 28, 2023 No. A-22-024.

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