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Supreme Court of Indiana.

STATE of Indiana EX REL. Curtis T. HILL, Attorney General of Indiana, Appellant, v. William PFISTER, et al., Appellees.

Supreme Court Case No. 20S-PL-246

Decided: April 03, 2020

Published Order

This case is before the Court on Appellant's petition to transfer jurisdiction filed pursuant to Indiana Appellate Rules 56(B) and 57. After this case was transmitted on transfer, this Court handed down its opinion in Robertson v. State ex rel. Hill, No. 19S-PL-432, 141 N.E.3d 1224, 2020 WL 1501683 (Ind. March 30, 2020).

Being duly advised, the Court GRANTS transfer, VACATES the Court of Appeals memorandum decision, and REMANDS this appeal to the trial court to reconsider in light of Robertson.

All Justices concur.

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