Description Date Docket #
US v. Ferriero
United States Third Circuit
White Collar Crime, Criminal Law & Procedure, Government Law
Affirming judgments of conviction, forfeiture, and sentencing based on violations of the RICO Act and federal wire fraud statutes arising from...
08/04/2017 15-4064
US v. Silver
United States Second Circuit
Criminal Law & Procedure, Government Law, White Collar Crime
Vacating and remanding the conviction of Sheldon Silver, former Speaker of the NY State Assembly for fraud, extortion, and money laundering, holding...
07/12/2017 16-1615-cr
US v. Boyland
United States Second Circuit
White Collar Crime, Ethics & Professional Responsibility, Judges & Judiciary, Criminal Law & Procedure
Denying the appeal of a judge convicted of 21 counts of public-corruption-related offenses, finding that subsequent decisions narrowing the...
07/10/2017 15-3118
US ex rel Campie v. Gilead Sciences, Inc.
United States Ninth Circuit
White Collar Crime, Labor & Employment Law, Consumer Protection Law, Drugs & Biotech
Reversing the district court's dismissal of claims under the False Claims Act by realtors against their former employer who made false statements...
07/07/2017 15-16380
US v. Weaver
United States Second Circuit
White Collar Crime, False Advertising, Consumer Protection Law, Communications Law, Criminal Law & Procedure, Contracts
Conviction for conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud are affirmed where over defendant's argument that disclaimers of extra-contract...
06/21/2017 16-3861-cr
BPP Illinois v. Royal Bank of Scotland Grp. PLC
United States Second Circuit
Injury & Tort Law, Civil Procedure, White Collar Crime
In a suit brought by a group of hotel-related businesses, along with their investor and guarantors, alleging fraud claims against a bank and its...
06/13/2017 15-3706-cv
Autoridad de Energia Electrica v. Vitol SA Services, LLC
United States First Circuit
White Collar Crime, Government Law, Contracts, Government Contracts, Oil and Gas Law, Government Law
In a suit brought under a Puerto Rico 'Law 458', which prohibits government instrumentalities and public corporations from awarding bids or contracts...
06/13/2017 16-1438, 16-1447
IAR Systems v. Super. Ct.
California Court of Appeal
White Collar Crime, Evidence, Criminal Law & Procedure
In an action seeking a writ of mandate ordering the trial court to vacate its finding that a law firm should be deemed part of the 'prosecution team'...
06/05/2017 A149087
Kokesh v. SEC
United States Supreme Court
White Collar Crime, Securities Law
In a case arising out of an SEC enforcement action, alleging that petitioner violated various securities laws by concealing the misappropriation of...
06/05/2017 16-529
Reich v. Lopez
United States Second Circuit
Civil Procedure, White Collar Crime, Government Law
In a suit brought by a consulting firm specializing in fighting government corruption against a Venezuelan energy company, alleging plaintiffs were...
05/26/2017 16-510-cv

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