Description Date Docket #
Bascunan v. Elsaca
United States Second Circuit
Civil Procedure, International Law
In a civil RICO action, alleging defendant stole millions of dollars from plaintiff, his cousin, while holding power of attorney through several...
10/31/2017 16-3626-cv
Midbrook Flowerbulbs Holland B.V. v. Holland America Bulb Farms
United States Ninth Circuit
Civil Procedure, Judgement Enforcement, International Law
Affirming the district court's order grant of summary judgment in favor of the plaintiff and denying the defense's discovery request in a diversity...
10/25/2017 14-36085
Makah Indian Tribe v. Quileute Indian Tribe
United States Ninth Circuit
Water Law, Indian Law, International Law
Affirming in part and reversing in part the district court's judgment relating to Western Washington native tribe whaling and sealing rights because...
10/23/2017 15-35824
Cisco Systems, Inc. v. Int'l Trade Comm.
United States Federal Circuit
Intellectual Property, Patent, International Trade, International Law
In a patent action, the International Trade Commission's limited exclusion order for the import of certain network devices by Artista Networks, Inc.,...
10/18/2017 16-2563
US v. Cortez-Vergara
United States First Circuit
Sentencing, Admiralty, International Law
Conviction for maritime drug and conspiracy offenses following the Coast Guard's apprehension of a three-person drug smuggling boat subject to U.S....
10/17/2017 16-1342
Trotter v. 7R Holdings LLC
United States Third Circuit
Civil Procedure, Injury & Tort Law, International Law
Affirming a district court order dismissing a maritime case involving an injury that took place on a boat registered in the British Virgin Islands for...
10/12/2017 16-1967
Uddin v. Attorney General United States of America
United States Third Circuit
Immigration Law, International Law
Denying a petition for review challenging the Board of Immigration Appeals dismissal of a Bangladeshi national's Convention Against Torture claim, but...
09/25/2017 17-1056
In Re: Grand Jury Subpeonas Returnable December 16, 2015
United States Second Circuit
Civil Procedure, International Law
Affirming a district court order denying the motion to quash subpeonas requiring a Chinese construction company's employees to appear before a grand...
09/08/2017 16-266-cv
In Re Accent Delight International Ltd.
United States Second Circuit
Civil Procedure, International Law
Affirming the district court's grant of an application by the petitioners for discovery in aid of foreign litigation involving a group of British...
08/28/2017 16-3655
Center for Biological Diversity v. Mattis
United States Ninth Circuit
Environmental Law, International Law, Civil Procedure
Affirming that plaintiff's claims for declaratory relief seeking protection for animals and cultural property in Okinawa, Japan against the US...
08/21/2017 15-15695

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