Description Date Docket #
Halleck v. Manhattan Community Access Corporation
United States Second Circuit
Constitutional Law, Media Law, Communications Law, Entertainment Law
Affirming the dismissal for failure to state a claim allegations of First Amendment violations by the City of New York, but reversing as to Manhattan...
02/09/2018 16-4155-cv
Finkelman v. National Football League
United States Third Circuit
Sports Law, Entertainment Law, Civil Procedure, Commercial Law
Reversing a district court determination that a man complaining that the NFL's policies relating to the sale of SuperBowl tickets violated New Jersey...
12/15/2017 16-4087
Cleveland Nat. Forest v. San Diego Assn. of Governments
Supreme Court of California
Entertainment Law
Reversing the judgment of the Court of Appeal insofar as it determined that a 2011 analysis of greenhouse gas emission impacts prepared as part of a...
07/13/2017 S223603
Douglas Jordan--Benel v. Universal City Studios, Inc.
United States Ninth Circuit
Copyright, Constitutional Law, Media Law, Entertainment Law, Contracts
In the appeal of a breach of contract and copyright infringement case involving the movie 'The Purge,' the district court's denial of defendant's...
06/20/2017 15-56045
Matal v. Tam
United States Supreme Court
Intellectual Property, Trademark, Entertainment Law
In a trademark case in which the lead singer of the rock group 'The Slants' chose this moniker in order to 'reclaim' the term and drain its...
06/19/2017 15-1293
Santopietero v. Howell
United States Ninth Circuit
Civil Rights, Constitutional Law, Entertainment Law
In an action in which a street performer-plaintiff and her friend, both dressed in 'sexy cop' costumes, posed with pedestrians on the Las Vegas Strip...
05/24/2017 14-16324
Fox Television Stations, Inv. v. Aereokiller, LLC
United States Ninth Circuit
Intellectual Property, Copyright, Media Law, Communications Law, Entertainment Law
In a suit brought by a group of broadcast stations and copyright holders against an entity that operates a service that uses antennas to capture...
03/21/2017 15-56420
Flo & Eddie, Inc. v. Sirius XM Radio, Inc.
United States Second Circuit
Copyright, Cyberspace Law, Communications Law, Entertainment Law, Class Actions, Intellectual Property
In a copyright infringement suit brought by the company that owns the recordings of the Turtles, a well-known rock band with a string of hits in the...
02/16/2017 15-1164-cv
Daniel v. Wayans
California Court of Appeal
Labor & Employment Law, Entertainment Law, Civil Procedure, Civil Rights
In an action brought by an actor who was employed as an extra in a movie entitled, A Haunted House 2, alleging that he was the victim of racial...
02/09/2017 B261814
Slep-Tone Entertainment Corp. v. Wired for Sound Karaoke and DJ Servs., LLC
United States Ninth Circuit
Intellectual Property, Trademark, Entertainment Law
In a suit for trademark infringement and unfair competition brought under the Lanham Act by a producer of karaoke music tracks, alleging that the...
01/18/2017 14-17229

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