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DAVIS v. MABRY, 380 U.S. 251 (1965)

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United States Supreme Court

DAVIS v. MABRY(1965)

No. 774

Argued: Decided: March 08, 1965

232 F. Supp. 930, affirmed.

Waggoner Carr, Attorney General of Texas, Hawthorne Phillips, First Assistant Attorney General, Mary K. Wall, Assistant Attorney General, James E. Barlow and Preston H. Dial, Jr., for appellants.


The judgment is affirmed. Carrington v. Rash, ante, p. 89.

MR. JUSTICE HARLAN would reverse the judgment of the District Court for the reasons stated in his dissenting opinion in Carrington v. Rash, ante, at 97. [380 U.S. 251, 252]  

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