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MCNEILL v. CARROLL, 369 U.S. 149 (1962)

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United States Supreme Court


No. 513

Argued: Decided: March 19, 1962

Judgment vacated and case remanded with directions to dismiss as moot.

Reported below: 294 F.2d 117.

Louis J. Lefkowitz, Attorney General of New York, Paxton Blair, Solicitor General, and Isadore Siegal and Joseph J. Rose, Assistant Attorneys General, for appellant.

Melvin L. Wulf for appellee.


Upon the suggestion of mootness submitted by counsel for the appellee by reason of the death of the appellee and of the appellant's motion to vacate the judgment of the Court of Appeals, said judgment is vacated and the case remanded to the District Court with directions to dismiss the cause as moot.

MR. JUSTICE WHITTAKER took no part in the consideration or decision of this case. [369 U.S. 149, 150]  

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