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United States Supreme Court

CHICAGO, B & Q R. CO. v. U S(1908)

No. 552

Argued: Decided: March 16, 1908

Messrs. O. H. Dean, W. D. McLeod, H. C. Timmonds, and O. M. Spencer for petitioner.

Solicitor General Hoyt and Assistant to the Attorney General Purdy for respondent.

Mr. Justice Day delivered the opinion of the court:

The counsel for the petitioner and the Solicitor General for the United States having filed a stipulation in writing in this cause, agreeing to abide the result of the Packing Company Cases, just decided ( Nos. 467, 468, 469, and 470), [ 209 U.S. 56 , 52 L. ed. --, 28 Sup. Ct. Rep. 428], it is hereby ordered that the judgment of the Circuit Court of Appeals in this case be affirmed.

Mr. Justice Moody took no part in the disposition of this case.[ Chicago, B & Q R Co v. U S 209 U.S. 90 (1908) ]

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