Michael Crooks, Appellant v. ADM USN

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United States Court of Appeals, District of Columbia Circuit.

Michael Crooks, Appellant v. Raymond Edwin Mabus, Jr., Secretary of the Navy and Dee Mewbourne, Rear ADM, USN, Naval Service Training Command, Appellees

No. 15-5212

Decided: February 06, 2017

BEFORE: Garland, Chief Judge; Henderson, Rogers, Tatel, Brown, Griffith, Kavanaugh, Srinivasan, Millett, Pillard, and Wilkins, Circuit Judges; Edwards and Ginsburg, Senior Circuit Judges


Upon consideration of appellant's petition for rehearing en banc, and the absence of a request by any member of the court for a vote, it is

ORDERED that the petition be denied.


Mark J. Langer, Clerk


Ken R. Meadows

Deputy Clerk

Per Curiam

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