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NETCHOICE 501 501 CCIA v. PAXTON (2022)

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United States Court of Appeals, Fifth Circuit.

NETCHOICE, L.L.C., a 501(c)(6) District of Columbia organization doing business as NetChoice; Computer & Communications Industry Association, a 501(c) (6) non-stock Virginia Corporation doing business as CCIA, Plaintiffs—Appellees, v. Ken PAXTON, in his official capacity as Attorney General of Texas, Defendant—Appellant.

No. 21-51178

Decided: March 10, 2022

Before Smith, Higginson, and Willett, Circuit Judges. Scott A. Keller, Todd Lawrence Disher, Matthew Hamilton Frederick, Lehotsky Keller, L.L.P., Austin, TX, Gabriela Gonzalez-Araiza, Jeremy Evan Maltz, Lehotsky Keller, L.L.P., Washington, DC, for Plaintiffs—Appellees. Judd Edward Stone, II, Ryan Baasch, Office of the Attorney General, Office of the Solicitor General, Courtney Brooke Corbello, Assistant Attorney General, Office of the Attorney General for the State of Texas General Litigation Division, Austin, TX, for Defendant—Appellant. William Scott McCollough, Counsel, McCollough Law Firm, P.C., Dripping Springs, TX, for Amicus Curiae Texas Public Policy Foundation. William Scott McCollough, Counsel, McCollough Law Firm, P.C., Dripping Springs, TX, Evan Goldberg, Evan Miles Goldberg, P.L.L.C., New York, NY, for Amici Curiae Babylon Bee LLC, Not the Bee LLC, Giganews, Incorporated, Golden Frog GmBH. Kyle Singhal, Hopwood & Singhal, P.L.L.C., Washington, DC, for Amicus Curiae Professor Philip Hamburger. Endel Kolde, Alan Gura, Institute for Free Speech, Washington, DC, for Amici Curiae Moms for Liberty, Institute for Free Speech. Joseph D. Sibley, IV, Camara & Sibley, L.L.P., Austin, TX, for Amici Curiae Heartland Institute, American Principles Project. Leonid Goldstein, Tyler, TX, Pro Se. Andrei Popovici, Dripping Springs, TX, for Amici Curiae Center for Renewing America, Incorporated, The Claremeont Institute's Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence. James R. Lawrence, III, Envisage Law Partnership, Raleigh, NC, for Amicus Curiae Donald W. Landry, M.D.

IT IS ORDERED that Appellant's opposed motion to stay the preliminary injunction pending appeal is CARRIED WITH THE CASE. This matter is expedited to the next available randomly designated regular oral argument panel. No extensions to the current merits-briefing schedule should be granted. The merits panel, once identified, will be free, in its discretion, to rule immediately on the motion to stay or await oral argument.

Per Curiam:

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