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United States Court of Appeals, Fifth Circuit.

UNITED STATES of America, Plaintiff - Appellee v. Gary Michael BEACH, Defendant - Appellant

No. 18-11619

Decided: September 20, 2019

Before WIENER, GRAVES, and OLDHAM, Circuit Judges. Joseph Andrew Magliolo, Esq., Leigha Amy Simonton, Emily Baker Falconer, Assistant U.S. Attorneys, U.S. Attorney's Office, Northern District of Texas, Dallas, TX, for Plaintiff - Appellee Sidney Katherine Powell, Dallas, TX, for Defendant - Appellant

Defendant Gary Beach was charged with seven counts of making false statements under 18 U.S.C. § 152(2) and (3) related to statements he made regarding his Chapter 7 bankruptcy case. A jury convicted him on four counts and acquitted him on three. Beach appeals his convictions, challenging the sufficiency of the evidence on each conviction.

We have reviewed the briefs, the applicable law, and the relevant portions of the record. We AFFIRM the judgment of the district court, essentially for the reasons explained in the district court’s August 3, 2018 order.



PER CURIAM:* FN* Pursuant to 5th Cir. R. 47.5, the court has determined that this opinion should not be published and is not precedent except under the limited circumstances set forth in 5th Cir. R. 47.5.4.

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