Braums, Inc., Appellant v. Angelita Sifuentes, Appellee

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Court of Appeals of Texas, Fort Worth.

Braums, Inc., Appellant v. Angelita Sifuentes, Appellee

NO. 02-16-00001-CV

Decided: February 25, 2016



We have considered the parties' “Joint Motion to Vacate and Render Judgment Pursuant to Settlement,” which requests that we vacate the trial court's judgment and render judgment dismissing the cause, not the appeal, with prejudice, with each party bearing its own costs. 2  While we cannot both vacate the trial court's judgment and dismiss the appeal, 3 the appellate rules allow us to render judgment vacating the trial court's judgment and dismissing the case, whether that rendition occurs after we consider the merits of the appeal 4 or in effectuating the parties' settlement agreement. 5

We note that a prior memorandum opinion of this court appearing to hold to the contrary disposed of a motion requesting relief beyond merely vacating the rial court's judgment and dismissing the case.6  Specifically, in Bonney v. Scott, the parties sought dismissal of the case and the vacatur of both the trial court's judgment and this court's prior judgment without withdrawal of the corresponding memorandum opinion on the merits.7  We do not have such additional complications here.

Accordingly, the parties' joint motion is granted.  Without regard to the merits and effectuating the parties' settlement agreement, we vacate the trial court's judgment and dismiss the cause with prejudice.8

Also relying on the settlement agreement, we order that each party shall bear its own costs of the appeal, for which let execution issue.9


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