IN RE: Commitment of Paul Keen

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Court of Appeals of Texas, Beaumont.

IN RE: Commitment of Paul Keen

NO. 09–15–00527–CV

Decided: January 28, 2016

Before McKeithen, C.J., Horton and Johnson, JJ.


This is an appeal from an order denying an unauthorized petition for release from civil commitment.  See generally Tex. Health & Safety Code Ann § 841.124 (West Supp.2015).  The appellant, Paul Keen, and the appellee, the State of Texas, jointly filed an agreed motion requesting this Court to render judgment effectuating the parties' Settlement Agreement providing for Keen's release from the civil commitment program.  See Tex.R.App. P. 42.1(a)(2)(A).  The parties inform the Court that they have entered into a Settlement and Release Agreement in which they agree to the immediate release of Keen from the care and treatment of the Texas Civil Commitment Program.

Based solely on the agreement between Keen and the State, and without reference to the merits in order to effectuate the parties' settlement, we vacate the trial court's order.  We render judgment releasing Paul Keen from the Order of Civil Commitment as imposed under the May 29, 2002 Order, and any modifications thereto.  See Tex.R.App. P. 43.2(c).


STEVE McKEITHEN, Chief Justice

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