In the Interest and Protection of M.W.L. v. <<

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Court of Appeals of Texas, Dallas.

In the Interest and Protection of M.W.L.

No. 05–14–01462–CV

Decided: December 29, 2015

Before Justices Bridges, Lang–Miers, and Schenck


Before the Court is appellant the City of Dallas's December 15, 2015 motion to dismiss the appeal and issue the mandate in this case.  The City states that it has reached a settlement of all disputed claims with appellee Rhonda Hunter and no longer wishes to pursue the appeal.  In accordance with the parties' agreement, we grant the motion, dismiss the appeal, and direct the Clerk of the Court to issue the mandate forthwith.  Tex. R. App. P. 42.1(a)(1).

Opinion by Justice Lang–Miers

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