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Court of Appeals of Texas, Corpus Christi-Edinburg.

EB International, LLC, and Hidalgo Logisitics, LLC, d/b/a Hidalgo Cold Storage, a Texas Limited Liability Company, Appellants, v. Jenrob Investments, LP, a Texas Limited Partnership, Appellee.

NUMBER 13–13–00447–CV

Decided: November 24, 2015

Before Justices Garza, Benavides, and Longoria


This appeal was abated by this Court on May 30, 2014, due to the bankruptcy of one of the parties to this appeal.  See 11 U.S.C. § 362;  see generally Tex.R.App. P. 8. This cause is before the Court on appellants' status report and unopposed motion to dismiss appeal on grounds all matters between the parties have been settled.  Appellants request that this Court dismiss the appeal.  Accordingly, this appeal is hereby REINSTATED.

The Court, having considered the documents on file and appellants' unopposed motion to dismiss the appeal, is of the opinion that the motion should be granted.  See Tex.R.App. P. 42.1(a).  Appellants' motion to dismiss is granted, and the appeal is hereby DISMISSED.  Costs will be taxed against appellant.  See Tex.R.App. P. 42.1(d) (“Absent agreement of the parties, the court will tax costs against the appellant.”).  Having dismissed the appeal at appellants' request, no motion for rehearing will be entertained, and our mandate will issue forthwith.  Any pending motions are dismissed as moot.

Memorandum Opinion Per Curiam