Michael Maciel, Appellant v. The State of Texas, Appellee

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Court of Appeals of Texas, San Antonio.

Michael Maciel, Appellant v. The State of Texas, Appellee

No. 04–14–00836–CR

Decided: January 14, 2015

Sitting: Rebeca C. Martinez, Justice, Patricia O. Alvarez, Justice, Luz Elena D. Chapa, Justice


On December 15, 2014, this court issued an order stating this appeal would be dismissed pursuant to Rule 25.2(d) unless an amended trial court certification that shows appellant has the right of appeal was made part of the appellate record on or before January 14, 2015.   See Tex.R.App. P. 25.2(d), 37.1;  see also Daniels v. State, 110 S.W.3d 174, 175–76 (Tex.App.–San Antonio 2003, order).   Appellant's counsel filed a response in which he states that he has reviewed the clerk's record and “can find no right of appeal” for appellant;  counsel concedes that the appeal must be dismissed.   In light of the record presented, we agree with appellant's counsel that Rule 25.2(d) requires this court to dismiss this appeal.  Tex. R.App. P. 25.2(d).  The record does not contain a certification that shows the defendant has the right of appeal;  to the contrary, the trial court certification in the record states “this criminal case is a plea-bargain case, and the defendant has NO right of appeal.”   The clerk's record contains a written plea bargain, and the punishment assessed did not exceed the punishment recommended by the prosecutor and agreed to by the defendant;  therefore, the clerk's record supports the trial court's certification that the defendant has no right of appeal.   See Tex.R.App. P. 25.2(a)(2).   Accordingly, we dismiss the appeal.   See Tex.R.App. P. 25.2(d).