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Court of Appeals of Texas, Amarillo.

ERIC GARZA, Appellant v. THE STATE OF TEXAS, Appellee

NO. 07–11–0346–CR

Decided: November 27, 2012

Before QUINN, C.J., and HANCOCK and PIRTLE, JJ.

Memorandum Opinion

Appellant, Eric Garza, appeals his conviction for aggravated sexual assault of a child.   Through a single issue, he contends that the trial court erred by requiring him to pay $354.20 in attorney's fees.   The State agrees and requests that we delete the award of attorney's fees in the amount of $354.20.

Based on appellant's brief and the State's response,we consider and sustain the sole issue presented, modify the trial court's judgment by deleting from it the assessment of prior court-appointed attorney's fees in the amount of $354.20 against appellant, and affirm the trial court's judgment of conviction as modified.

Brian Quinn Chief Justice

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