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Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Assn. v. Amador Water Agency

California Court of Appeal
Water Law, Elections
Held that a local water agency's decision to set new water service rates was not subject to referendum. Affirmed denial of writ relief, in a case...
06/14/2019 C082079

Center for Biological Diversity v. California Department of Conservation

California Court of Appeal
Environmental Law, Oil and Gas Law, Water Law
Rejected an environmental advocacy group's challenge to an environmental impact report prepared by the California Department of Conservation...
06/14/2019 C083913

Plantier v. Ramona Municipal Water District

Supreme Court of California
Government Law, Water Law, Property Law & Real Estate
Clarified the procedure for challenging a local governmental agency's decision to impose or increase property-related fees. The question in this case...
05/30/2019 S243360

Bennett v. Rancho California Water District

California Court of Appeal
Water Law, Labor & Employment Law
Held that a plaintiff alleging whistleblower retaliation needed to prove he was an employee rather than an independent contractor, and the trial court...
05/29/2019 G054617

Inzana v. Turlock Irrigation District Board of Directors

California Court of Appeal
Water Law
Held that an irrigation district could cut off water to a landowner who refused to remove from his property pistachio trees that were planted within...
05/16/2019 F075810

Gomes v. Mendocino City Community Services District

California Court of Appeal
Water Law
Invalidated an ordinance limiting the quantity of groundwater that homeowners such as the plaintiff may extract from their property. Held that the...
05/14/2019 A153078

Southwestern Electric Power Co. v. EPA

United States Fifth Circuit
Environmental Law, Water Law
Invalidated portions of an Environment Protection Agency final rule regarding waste streams from steam-electric power plants. Remanded to the agency...
04/12/2019 15-60821

Sturgeon v. Frost

United States Supreme Court
Environmental Law, Water Law
Held that the National Park Service lacked authority to regulate boating on Alaska's Nation River. A moose hunter contended that the Park Service...
03/26/2019 17–949

Olson v. Hornbrook Community Services District

California Court of Appeal
Government Law, Water Law
Revived claims that a California water district unreasonably limited public comment on certain agenda items, among other things. Reversed a dismissal...
03/26/2019 C084494

Paradise Irrigation District v. Commission on State Mandates

California Court of Appeal
Water Law
On rehearing, held that local water districts were not entitled to be reimbursed by the state for the cost of complying with unfunded state mandates...
03/20/2019 C081929
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