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United States Second Circuit - Opinion Summaries


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Naumovski v. Norris

United States Second Circuit
Civil Rights, Labor & Employment Law
Reversed and remanded. Defendants claimed they were erroneously denied qualified immunity in a discrimination suit brought by a former employee....
08/12/2019 18-1556-cv(L)

US v. Ng Lap Seng

United States Second Circuit
Criminal Law & Procedure
Affirmed. On appeal from his conviction of paying bribes to United Nations officials, Defendant argues the U.N. is not an “organization” within the...
08/09/2019 18-1725-cr

Reyes v. Fischer

United States Second Circuit
Sentencing, Constitutional Law
Affirmed in part. The panel affirms that an administratively imposed term of post-release supervision deprived plaintiff of her due process rights,...
08/09/2019 17-1970-cv

In re 650 Fifth Ave. & Related Props.

United States Second Circuit
Civil Procedure
Reversed in part, vacated in part, remanded for discovery. The district court abused its discretion by denying the Claimants’ motion for discovery on...
08/09/2019 17-3258(L)

Kirschenbaum v. Assa Corp.

United States Second Circuit
Civil Procedure
Affirmed. The district court ordered the turnover of Assa’s property to terrorism victims holding default judgments against the Islamic Republic of...
08/09/2019 17-3682(L)

Jeffrey Siegel, et al. v. HSBC North America Holdings, Inc. and HSBC Bank USA, N.A.

United States Second Circuit
International Law, Banking Law
Affirmed. The district court granted Defendants’ motion to dismiss for failure to state a claim. Plaintiffs failed to plausibly allege that the...
08/08/2019 18-2540-cv

4 Pillar Dynasty LLC v. New York & Co., Inc.

United States Second Circuit
Affirmed in part, vacated and remanded in part. Finding no clear error in the district court’s determination that Defendant’s trademark infringement...
08/08/2019 17-2398(L)

Tobias Bermudez Chavez, et al. v. Occidental Chemical Corp.

United States Second Circuit
Class Actions, Civil Procedure
Questions on appeal concern cross-jurisdictional tolling of a class action. Because the appeal presents state law questions that New York’s courts...
08/07/2019 18-1120-cv

Kelly v. Honeywell Int’l, Inc.

United States Second Circuit
Insurance Law
Affirmed. Collective bargaining agreement contains unambiguous language vesting welfare benefits and there is a sufficiently serious question as to...
08/07/2019 17-675(L)

Palin v. The New York Times Company

United States Second Circuit
Media Law, Civil Procedure
Vacated and remanded. Palin appeals the dismissal of her defamation complaint against The New York Times for failure to state a claim. Finding the...
08/06/2019 17-3801-cv
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