Description Date Docket #
D'Amico Dry Limited v. Primera Maritime Limited
United States Second Circuit
Admiralty, International Law, Contracts, Civil Procedure
Vacating and remanding a case that had been dismissed after bench trial for lack of subject matter jurisdiction involving an English court's judgment...
03/29/2018 16-3125-cv
In Re: Petition of Frescati Shipping Company, Ltd.
United States Third Circuit
Oil and Gas Law, International Law, Contracts
In the case of the complicated fallout from an oil tanker spill, parties were allocated responsibility based on contracts and equitable recoupment...
03/29/2018 16-3470
Doe v. Sessions
United States Second Circuit
Immigration Law, International Law
Granting a petition for review of a Bureau of Immigration Appeals dismissal of the appeal of an Immigration Judge decision ordering removal and...
03/29/2018 16-1256
AO Alpha Bank v. Yakovlev
California Court of Appeal
Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, International Law
Reversing the grant of a motion for summary judgment denying recognition of a Russian judgment because the service of process in the Russian...
03/12/2018 D071872
BAE Systems Technology Solution and Services, Inc. v. Republic of Korea's Defense Acquisition Program Administration
United States Fourth Circuit
Civil Procedure, International Trade, International Law, Contracts
Affirming the district court's grant of a declaratory judgment to the plaintiff that it hadn't breached any contractual agreement with Korea, but...
03/06/2018 171041.P
Rubin v. Islamic Republic of Iran
United States Supreme Court
Civil Procedure, Asset Forfeiture, International Law
Affirming lower court determinations that a collection of ancient clay tablets and fragments owned by Iran and housed in Chicago could not be subject...
02/21/2018 16-534
Aviation and General Insurance Company, LTD v. US
United States Federal Circuit
Constitutional Law, Government Law, International Law
Affirming the Court of Federal Claims' determination that the Government's termination of lawsuits pursuant to a Claims Settlement Agreement between...
02/12/2018 16-2389
Linde v. Arab Bank, PLC
United States Second Circuit
Civil Procedure, Injury & Tort Law, International Law
Vacating and remanding the district court's judgment for damages following a jury verdict holding a bank liable for terrorists attacks in Israel...
02/09/2018 16-2119-cv (L)
Villalta-Martinez v. Sessions
United States First Circuit
Immigration Law, International Law
Denying the petition for review of an order by the Board of Immigration Appeals which had denied applications for asylum, withholding of removal, and...
02/07/2018 17-1201P.01A
Ruiz-Escovar v. Sessions
United States First Circuit
Immigration Law, International Law
Denying the petition for review of the denial of withholding of removal and protection under the Convention Against Torture to a Honoduran man who...
02/02/2018 17-1539P.01A

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