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Wilson v. Rigby

United States Ninth Circuit
Bankruptcy Law
Held that a Chapter 7 debtor was not allowed to amend a bankruptcy schedule to reflect a post-petition increase in the value of property that was the...
11/27/2018 17-35716

In re Marriage of Vaughn

California Court of Appeal
Bankruptcy Law, Family Law
In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case, held that when the nature of a debt is such that its discharge will directly and adversely impact the finances of the...
11/27/2018 B286871

Bunn v. FDIC

United States Seventh Circuit
Contracts, Bankruptcy Law, Banking Law
Held that the receiver for a failed bank, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, did not have to honor a benefits agreement with a bank executive,...
11/08/2018 18‐1907

Daff v. Good

United States Ninth Circuit
Bankruptcy Law
Held that the time period in which a creditor could execute on an Order for Appearance and Examination (ORAP) lien was tolled during the automatic...
10/22/2018 16-60003

Um v. Spokane Rock I, LLC

United States Ninth Circuit
Bankruptcy Law, Property Law & Real Estate
Affirmed that Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code did not permit the co-founders of several real-estate management companies to discharge a debt arising...
09/14/2018 16-35753

In re Energy Future Holdings Corp.

United States Third Circuit
M&A, Bankruptcy Law
Held that a company that entered into an unconsummated merger agreement was not entitled to payment of a $275 million termination fee. The proposed...
09/13/2018 18-1109

In re Tribune Media Co.

United States Third Circuit
Bankruptcy Law, Labor & Employment Law
Held that the bankruptcy court correctly disallowed a claim brought by the debtor's former employee. A former television station employee argued that...
09/05/2018 17-2449

Hunsaker v. US

United States Ninth Circuit
Bankruptcy Law, Government Law, Tax Law
Held that the Internal Revenue Service could be liable for emotional-distress damages for willfully violating an automatic stay by sending collection...
08/30/2018 16-35991

In re Sino Clean Energy, Inc.

United States Ninth Circuit
Corporation & Enterprise Law, Bankruptcy Law, Corp. Governance
Held that former board members of a corporation lacked corporate authority when they filed a Chapter 11 bankruptcy petition. The board members argued...
08/27/2018 17-15316

Arctic Glacier International, Inc. v. Arctic Glacier Income Fund

United States Third Circuit
Securities Law, Bankruptcy Law
Affirmed the dismissal of a lawsuit brought by investors of a bankrupt company who claimed they were entitled to dividend payments. The investors, who...
08/20/2018 17-2522