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Garvin v. Cook Investments NW, SPNWY, LLC

United States Ninth Circuit
Bankruptcy Law, Property Law & Real Estate
Affirmed a real estate business's Chapter 11 reorganization plan. Held that the plan was lawfully proposed even though a lessee illegally grew...
05/02/2019 18-35119

In re VCR I, L.L.C.

United States Fifth Circuit
Bankruptcy Law
Held that a bankruptcy trustee could conduct a public auction of certain real estate owned by a Chapter 7 debtor, even though one of the tracts of...
05/01/2019 18-60368

In re Latitude Solutions, Inc.

United States Fifth Circuit
Securities Law, Bankruptcy Law, Corporation & Enterprise Law
In a lawsuit that a bankruptcy trustee brought against officers and directors of the debtor company and others who allegedly participated in a...
04/30/2019 18-10382

In re 8Speed8, Inc.

United States Ninth Circuit
Bankruptcy Law
Held that a shareholder could not seek statutory damages from a creditor after helping a debtor company defend against an involuntary bankruptcy...
04/29/2019 17-16277

In re Clark

United States Fifth Circuit
Bankruptcy Law, Family Law
Held that a Chapter 7 bankruptcy debtor's ex-wives were not entitled to notice of his bankruptcy proceeding to assert claims for child support...
04/23/2019 18-20518

Fishback Nursery, Inc. v. PNC Bank

United States Fifth Circuit
Bankruptcy Law, Banking Law, Agriculture
In a lien contest among creditors of a bankrupt commercial farm, held that a bank's lien outranked the agricultural liens of nurseries that sold the...
04/10/2019 18-10090

In re Steenes

United States Seventh Circuit
Government Law, Bankruptcy Law
Held that the City of Chicago, which sought to recoup thousands of dollars in parking and moving-violation fines incurred by seven bankruptcy debtors,...
03/14/2019 17-3630

In re Pettit Oil Co.

United States Ninth Circuit
Oil and Gas Law, Bankruptcy Law, Commercial Law
In the bankruptcy proceeding of a distributor of bulk petroleum products, held that a consignor's unperfected security interest in fuel and monetary...
03/11/2019 17-60081

Trinity 83 Development LLC v. ColFin Midwest Funding LLC

United States Seventh Circuit
Bankruptcy Law, Banking Law
Rejected a mootness argument in a dispute between an insolvent borrower and the holder of a mortgage note. Overruled In re River West Plaza-Chicago...
03/01/2019 18-2117

In re Picard

United States Second Circuit
Securities Law, International Law, Bankruptcy Law
Held that a bankruptcy trustee may attempt to obtain property that Bernard Madoff's investment firm transferred to foreign entities that subsequently...
02/25/2019 17‐2992