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Carpenter v. US , 16-402

Reversed and remanded. Carpenter was convicted of robbery and carrying a firearm during the commission of a federal crime of violence. Some of the evidence against Carpenter was obtained from wireless carriers under the Stored Communications Act. These wireless records contained location information from cell-sites that allowed the Government to show that Carpenter was near four of the robbery locations at the time the robberies occurred. Carpenter moved to suppress the wireless data as a violation of his Fourth Amendment rights. The motion was denied and the 6th Circuit affirmed stating that there was no reasonable expectation of privacy in the location information. The US Supreme Court reversed and remanded on the grounds that the location information obtained from cell-sites was a Fourth Amendment search which required a warrant supported by probable cause. The order using the Stored Communications Act was insufficient because it only required a showing of reasonable grounds.

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  • Published 2018/06/22


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