United States Seventh Circuit

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US v. Taylor, 10-1750

In a conviction of defendant for armed bank robbery, district court's imposition of an enhancement for physically restraining a teller in sentencing defendant to 110-months' imprisonment is affirmed as, whether a pointed gun is used to move a person into an unlocked room and keep him there, or used to move a person from one part of the robbery scene to another, the person's freedom of movement is restrained as effectively as by shoving or dragging him into a room and locking the door. However, the judgment is modified as the district court erred in ordering the defendant to participate in the Inmate Financial Responsibility Program, as the participation is voluntary.

Appellate Information

  • Argued 08/04/2010
  • Submitted 09/02/2010
  • Decided 09/02/2010
  • Published 09/02/2010


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  • United States Seventh Circuit