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United States Fourth Circuit

US v. Hale, 15-4642

Conviction of of transporting stolen property in interstate commerce, knowing the goods to have been stolen, of conspiring to do the same, of making false statements in his tax returns, of failing to collect and pay employee taxes, and of obstructing justice are affirmed over defendant's claim that the evidence was insufficient to justify the district court's decision to give the jury a willful blindness instruction and otherwise to support the jury's finding that he knew the property at issue was stolen, and his challenges to the admission of certain evidence, the content of several jury instructions, the sufficiency of the evidence as to whether an individual who worked for him qualified as an employee as opposed to an independent contractor, and certain statements that the government made to the jury during closing argument.

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  • Decided
  • Published 2017/05/15




  • United States Fourth Circuit


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