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US v. Baker, 12-6624

Petition for habeas corpus challenging defendant's convictions of multiple federal firearm and drug offenses based on evidence that police officers uncovered while searching his vehicle during a traffic stop is denied, where defendant failed to make a showing of ineffective assistance of counsel because: 1) although defendant's attorney did not raise the argument decided in Arizona v. Gant on direct appeal, the search would have been lawful under the automobile exception which permits a warrantless search of a vehicle when there is probable cause to believe the vehicle contains contraband or other evidence of criminal activity; 2) defendant lacks standing to challenge the frisk and search of the other vehicle occupant, which uncovered the contraband that ultimately gave the officer probable cause to search defendant's vehicle; and 3) in any event, the good-faith exception would bar suppressing the evidence found during the search of defendant's vehicle, because the officers were following the law as it existed at the time of the search.

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  • Decided 06/13/2013
  • Published 06/13/2013




  • United States Fourth Circuit


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