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US v. Pruess, 11-5127

In challenge to the constitutionality of defendant's conviction for possession of ammunition as a convicted felon where defendant is a non-violent felon, judgment is affirmed where: 1) a presumptively lawful regulation does not violate the Second Amendment unless, as applied, it proscribes conduct falling within the category of law-abiding responsible citizens using arms in defense of hearth and home; 2) here, defendant cannot rebut the presumption of lawfulness of the felon-in-possession prohibition as applied to him; 3) application of the felon-in-possession prohibition to allegedly non-violent felons like defendant does not violate the Second Amendment; and 4) defendant's equal protection claims fails where there is a plainly rational relation between the felon-in-possession prohibition as applied to a collector of dangerous, often stolen weapons and explosives who has repeatedly and flagrantly ignored the laws of the United States, like defendant, and the legitimate government interest in public safety.

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  • Decided 12/31/2012
  • Published 12/31/2012


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  • United States Fourth Circuit


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