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US v. Hornsby, 08-5267

In a prosecution of the chief executive officer of Maryland’s Prince George’s County Public Schools for honest-services fraud, tampering with evidence, and obstruction of justice, convictions of honest-services fraud are reversed and convictions of tampering with evidence and obstruction of justice are affirmed with a remand for resentencing, where: 1) there was an erroneous jury instruction on honest-services wire fraud; 2) the district court did not err in admitting past-conduct evidence; 3) the district court did not err in denying a motion for severance of the tampering and obstruction counts from the honest-services fraud counts; 4) the district court did not err when it denied a motion in limine to suppress preindictment statements the defendant made to an undercover government informant; 5) the district court did not err in not giving a jury instruction that defined reasonable doubt; 6) there was no prejudicial spillover of evidence supporting the honest-services fraud counts that required the reversal of the tampering and obstruction convictions; and 7) it was not reasonably certain that the judge would have imposed the same sentences even if the erroneous charge of honest-services fraud had not been submitted to the jury.

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  • Decided 01/25/2012
  • Published 01/25/2012


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  • United States Fourth Circuit


  • For Appellant:
  • Robert Charles Bonsib, Stuart A. Berman