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US v. Parisi , 15-963

Modification of the special conditions of supervised release, that had been imposed on defendant at the time of his sentencing in 2004 to include what are now standard conditions of supervision for individuals convicted of sex offenses, is affirmed where: 1) even though new or changed circumstances may justify a modification, US v. Lussier,104 F.3d 32, 36 (2d Cir. 1997), they are not a prerequisite to a district court's decision to modify the conditions of release; 2) defendant's claim that the modifications are not reasonably related to his underlying offense conduct and involve a greater deprivation of liberty than is reasonably necessary, is without merit; and 3) defendant's challenge to the modifications on procedural grounds, arguing that he did not receive an adequate modification hearing pursuant to Rule 32.1(c)(1) of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, is also without merit.

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  • Published 2016/05/03




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