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In re Marriage of O'Daniel, 4-07-0250

A post judgment order in September 2006 modifying the terms of the April 1995 judgment dissolving the marriage at issue and a post judgment order in February 2007 modifying September 2006 order are affirmed where: 1) the court did not abuse its discretion when it did not take into account sums of money withdrawn from petitioner's IRA since the money in an IRA represents savings and the only gain would be the interest or appreciation earnings; 2) there was no error in failing to include income from petitioner's rental property since that income goes to meet obligations to another individual with whom he owns the property; 3) the court did not err in not considering petitioner's unemployment checks as income; 4) the court did not err in assuming that petitioner was paying 720 dollars a month for medical insurance; 5) it was not abuse of discretion to find petitioner not in contempt for failing to maintain health insurance for the children; and 6) there was no error in the attorney's fees granted to respondent.

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  • Decided 06/02/2008
  • Published 06/06/2008



  • Appellate Court of Illinois


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  • Gregory A. Scott, of Scott & Scott, P.C., of Springfield, for appellant.

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