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Aptos Council v. County of Santa Cruz, 042976

In an action challenging a County's adoption of three ordinances that (a) extended minor exceptions to zoning site standards, (b) altered certain height, density, and parking requirements for hotels in commercial districts, and (c) established an administrative process for approving minor exceptions to the County's sign ordinance, alleging the County engaged in piecemeal environmental review in violation of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), Pub. Resources Code section 21000 et seq., when it considered the ordinances separately, the trial court's denial of plaintiff's petition for writ of mandate is affirmed where: 1) the County did not engage in piecemeal environmental review, because although the County is in the process of modernizing some of its zoning regulations, this modernization process does not constitute a single project under CEQA; and 2) the negative declaration for the hotel ordinance was not inadequate.

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  • Published 2017/03/30




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