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People v. Nilsson, C070296

In a case involving multiple defendants' convictions of grand theft, embezzlement, offering or receiving a bribe, and conflict of interest, arising out of a scheme involving public library employees, the judgment is: 1) reversed as to an enhancement imposed under Penal Code section 186.11 on defendants Mayle and Rankins-Mayle because the prosecution did not meet the pleading and proof requirement; 2) reversed as to one count of grand theft as to defendant Nilsson because the law applicable at the time he committed his crimes permitted only one grand theft conviction for multiple takings done pursuant to a single overreaching scheme; and 3) amended as to Nilsson's restitution where the trial court must properly indicate in the abstract of judgment what restitution is subject to joint and several liability; and 4) otherwise affirmed.

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  • Decided
  • Published 2015/11/12




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