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In re Maya L., B254628

In this custody proceeding, the mother was earlier arrested for child endangerment after her four year old daughter fell from the trunk of a moving vehicle. The daughter was subsequently declared a dependent child of the court and placed in the custody of her father. At the six-month review hearing, the trial court terminated jurisdiction and entered an order providing the father physical and legal custody. Judgment of the trial court is affirmed, where: 1) because the daughter had previously been placed with her father under Family Code section 361.2(a), the court was only required to determine whether its supervision over her was still necessary and whether to enter an exit order; and 2) given the mother’s erratic conduct during monitored visits and her ongoing refusal to accept responsibility for any wrongdoing, the court was justified in concluding that a joint custody order would not currently be in the daughter’s best interests.

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  • Decided 12/08/2014
  • Published 12/09/2014


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