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California Court of Appeal

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Cal. High-Speed Rail Authority v. Superior Court (Tos), C075668

A peremptory writ of mandate is issued directing the trial court to enter judgment validating the authorization of the bond issuance for purposes of the 2008 voter approved Safe, Reliable High-Speed Passenger Train Bond Act, where: 1) contrary to the trial court's determination, the High-Speed Passenger Train Finance Committee properly found that issuance of bonds for the project was necessary or desirable; and 2) the preliminary Streets and Highways Code section 2704.08(c) funding plan was intended to provide guidance to the Legislature in acting on the Authority's appropriation request; 3) because the Legislature appropriated bond proceeds following receipt of the preliminary funding plan approved by the Authority, the preliminary funding plan has served its purpose; and 4) a writ of mandamus will not lie to compel the idle act of rescinding and redoing it.

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  • Decided 07/31/2014
  • Published 07/31/2014


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  • California Court of Appeal


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