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Singh v. Lipworth, C073177

In an action in which plaintiff alleges that defendant used fraudulent representations to persuade the trial court in a prior case that plaintiff was hiding some properties from his creditors using different names, the trial court's ruling that plaintiff is a vexatious litigant with no reasonable probability of prevailing in the litigation because the lawsuit amounted to an impermissible collateral attack on a prior final judgment and post-judgment orders, and order dismissing the lawsuit as to these plaintiffs when no they failed to furnish security as directed, are affirmed, where: 1) all points asserted in plaintiff's appeal are considered forfeited as unsupported by adequate factual or legal analysis; 2) substantial evidence also supports the trial court’s determination that plaintiff possessed no reasonable probability he would prevail in the litigation; and 2) sanctions are warranted in this case for bringing this frivolous appeal.

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  • Decided 07/03/2014
  • Published 07/03/2014


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