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Romine v. Johnson Controls, Inc., B239761

In an strict products liability action alleging that plaintiff suffered injuries when her seat collapsed in a rear-end collision rendering her a quadriplegic, judgment for plaintiff is: 1) reversed in part and remanded, where defendant-designer could not be held strictly liable for engineering services it provided and the trial court erred in barring defendants from apportioning fault for plaintiff's injuries to other manufacturers; but 2) otherwise affirmed, where the jury's finding of defendants' liability under the consumer expectations test, except as to defendant-designer, and its finding that plaintiff suffered damages of $24,744,764 are affirmed and are not to be a part of the retrial, where although the trial court erred in this case by admitting evidence of the full amount billed for plaintiff's medical care, defendants have failed to show that the error was prejudicial.

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  • Decided 03/17/2014
  • Published 03/17/2014


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