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California Teachers Ass'n v. Governing Bd. of the Salinas City Elementary Sch. Dist., H033788

In a California Teachers Association's (CTA) and a local teachers unions' suit against a school district, claiming that the district's interpretation of the parties' collective bargaining agreement created teacher pay disparities in violation of Education Code section 45028 and that contract language freezing advancement for some but not all teachers for the 2005-2006 school year created additional salary uniformity violations, trial court's judgment sustaining defendants' demurrer without leave to amend is affirmed as the parties' collective bargaining agreement requires the unions to exhaust their internal grievance/arbitration procedures before resorting to the courts, and as such, the trial court did not err when it sustained defendants' demurrer for failure to allege exhaustion of those procedures.

Appellate Information

  • Submitted 07/30/2010
  • Decided 07/14/2010
  • Published 07/30/2010


  • Mihara, J.


  • California Court of Appeal


  • For Appellant:
  • Kay M. Tuttle, George W. Shaeffer, Jr.

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