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Heimeshoff v. Hartford Life & Accident Insurance Co.

United States Supreme Court
Administrative Law, Constitutional Law, Contracts, ERISA, Insurance Law, Labor & Employment Law
Dismissal of a petition for review of an ERISA plan administrator's denial of long-term disability benefits claim is affirmed, where: 1) the plan...
12/16/2013 12-729

Kansas v. Cheever

United States Supreme Court
Constitutional Law, Criminal Law & Procedure, Evidence
The Kansas Supreme Court's decision vacating defendant's murder conviction and death sentence is vacated and remanded, where: 1) Buchanan v. Kentucky...
12/11/2013 12-609

Sprint Communications, Inc. v. Jacobs

United States Supreme Court
Administrative Law, Communications Law, Constitutional Law, Cyberspace Law, Public Utilities
In a suit in which plaintiff sought a declaration that the Telecommunications Act of 1996 preempted the Iowa Utilities Board's (IUB) decision that...
12/10/2013 12-815

Unite Here Local 355 v. Mulhall

United States Supreme Court
Constitutional Law, Contracts, Labor & Employment Law
Writ of certiorari is dismissed as improvidently granted in an action in which the Eleventh Circuit held that: 1) certain promises made by an employer...
12/10/2013 12-99

Atlantic Marine Construction Co., Inc. v. US District Court for the Western District of Texas

United States Supreme Court
Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Construction, Contracts
The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals' denial of a petition for a writ of mandamus requesting the district court dismiss a construction dispute case...
12/03/2013 12-929

US v. Woods

United States Supreme Court
Constitutional Law, Corp. Governance, Corporation & Enterprise Law, Criminal Law & Procedure, Tax Law, White Collar Crime
The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal's affirmation of the district court's holding that defendants' partnerships were properly disregarded as shams but...
12/03/2013 12-562

Ford Motor Co. v. US

United States Supreme Court
Constitutional Law, Corporation & Enterprise Law, Tax Law
(Industry: Autos)

In a suit to recover interest from the government on plaintiff's tax overpayment for the period between the payment and the ultimate refund, the Sixth...
12/02/2013 13-113
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