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Gabelli v. SEC

United States Supreme Court
Banking Law, Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Government Law, Securities Law, White Collar Crime
The five-year statute of limitations in 28 U.S.C. section 2462, the general statute of limitations for civil penalty actions, including an SEC...
02/27/2013 11-1274

Amgen Inc. v. Connecticut Retirement Plans and Trust Funds

United States Supreme Court
Class Actions, Constitutional Law, Securities Law
Although required to prevail on the merits, proof of materiality is not a prerequisite to certification of a securities-fraud class action seeking...
02/27/2013 11-1085

Clapper v. Amnesty International USA

United States Supreme Court
Civil Rights, Communications Law, Constitutional Law, Government Law, International Law
Plaintiffs do not have Article III standing to challenge 50 U.S.C. section 1881a of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which permits the...
02/26/2013 11-1025

Marx v. General Revenue Corp.

United States Supreme Court
Attorney's Fees, Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Consumer Protection Law, Debt Collection
A district court may award costs to prevailing defendants in Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) cases without finding that the plaintiff...
02/26/2013 11-1175

Chaidez v. US

United States Supreme Court
Constitutional Law, Criminal Law & Procedure, Immigration Law
Padilla v. Kentucky, which held that the Sixth Amendment requires defense attorneys to inform non-citizen clients of the deportation risks of guilty...
02/20/2013 11-820

Gunn v. Minton

United States Supreme Court
Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Intellectual Property, Patent, Legal Malpractice
28 U.S.C. section 1338(a), which provides federal district courts with exclusive jurisdiction over patent cases, does not deprive the state courts of...
02/20/2013 11-1118

Henderson v. US

United States Supreme Court
Constitutional Law, Criminal Law & Procedure
An error is "plain" within the meaning of Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure Rule 52(b) so long as the error is plain at the time of appellate review,...
02/20/2013 11-9307

Johnson v. Williams

United States Supreme Court
Constitutional Law, Criminal Law & Procedure, Habeas Corpus
For purposes of 28 USC section 2254(d), which limits the relief a federal habeas court may grant to a state prisoner, when a state court rules against...
02/20/2013 11-465

Evans v. Michigan

United States Supreme Court
Constitutional Law, Criminal Law & Procedure
The Double Jeopardy Clause bars retrial of defendant for arson, where: 1) defendant's court-decreed acquittal was the product of an erroneous...
02/20/2013 11-1327

Chafin v. Chafin

United States Supreme Court
Constitutional Law, Family Law, International Law
The return of a child to a foreign country pursuant to a return order under the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction...
02/19/2013 11-1347
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