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Ricci v. DeStefano

United States Supreme Court
Civil Rights, Constitutional Law, Government Law, Labor & Employment Law
In a Title VII action claiming that a city discriminated against white firefighter candidates for a promotion by discarding their test results based...
06/29/2009 07-1428

Cuomo v. Clearing House Ass'n., L.L.C.

United States Supreme Court
Banking Law, Government Law
In an action claiming that certain state fair-lending laws were preempted by the National Bank Act (NBA) and accompanying regulations, an injunction...
06/29/2009 08-453

Melendez-Diaz v. Mass.

United States Supreme Court
Criminal Law & Procedure, Evidence
Defendant's drug conviction is reversed, where the trial court's admission of the prosecution's certificates by laboratory analysts, stating that...
06/25/2009 07-591

Safford Unified Sch. Dist. No. 1. v. Redding

United States Supreme Court
Civil Rights, Criminal Law & Procedure, Education Law
In a 42 U.S.C. section 1983 action alleging an unlawful search of a student, the denial of summary judgment based on qualified immunity is affirmed...
06/25/2009 08-479

Horne v. Flores

United States Supreme Court
Civil Procedure, Education Law
In a motion by state legislators to purge the District Court's contempt order holding that the state was providing inadequate Engligh Language-Learner...
06/25/2009 08-289

Atlantic Sounding Co. v. Townsend

United States Supreme Court
Administrative Law, Admiralty, Injury & Tort Law, Remedies
In an action based on Defendant's alleged refusal to pay maintenance and cure to Plaintiff for injuries he suffered while working on Defendant's...
06/25/2009 08-214

Coeur Alaska, Inc. v. Southeast Alaska Conservation Council

United States Supreme Court
Administrative Law, Environmental Law, Water Law
In an action against the Army Corps of Engineers challenging the Corps' grant of a permit to a mining company to discharge waste materials, summary...
06/22/2009 07-984

Northwest Austin Mun. Utility Dist. No. 1. v. Holder

United States Supreme Court
Civil Rights, Elections, Government Law
In an action seeking relief under the "bailout" provision in Section 4(a) of the Voting Rights Act, which allows a "political subdivision" to be...
06/22/2009 08-322

Forest Grove Sch. Dist. v. T.A.

United States Supreme Court
Administrative Law, Education Law
In an action challenging a hearing officer's order reimbursing fees paid by Plaintiff's parents for his special education program under the...
06/22/2009 08-305

Travelers Indemn. Co. v. Bailey

United States Supreme Court
Bankruptcy Law, Civil Procedure, Injury & Tort Law, Product Liability
In objections to a settlement of tort claims against the insurer of an asbestos manufacturer, the Court of Appeals' order sustaining the objections is...
06/18/2009 08-295