United States Supreme Court - May 2008 Opinion Summaries

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US v. Ressam

United States Supreme Court
Criminal Law & Procedure, Evidence
A circuit court's decision setting aside defendant's conviction on a count of carrying an explosive "during the commission of" a felony is reversed...
05/19/2008 07-455

US v. Williams

United States Supreme Court
Constitutional Law, Criminal Law & Procedure
A statute criminalizing, in certain specified circumstances, the pandering or solicitation of child pornography is neither overbroad under the First...
05/19/2008 06-694

US v. Rodriquez

United States Supreme Court
Criminal Law & Procedure, Sentencing
A sentence for possession of a firearm by a convicted felon is reversed where, for purposes of the Armed Career Criminal Act (ACCA), the "maximum term...
05/19/2008 06-1646

Dep't of Revenue of Kentucky v. Davis

United States Supreme Court
Commercial Law, Constitutional Law, Government Law, Tax Law
In the context of states/subdivisions' exemption of interest on their own bonds from their state income taxes, which are imposed on bond interest from...
05/19/2008 06-666