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Medellin v. Texas

United States Supreme Court
Constitutional Law, Criminal Law & Procedure, Habeas Corpus, International Law
Neither an International Court of Justice case, Case Concerning Avena and Other Mexican Nationals (Mex. v. U. S.), 2004 I. C. J. 12, nor a memorandum...
03/25/2008 06-984

Hall Street Assocs., L.L.C. v. Mattel, Inc.

United States Supreme Court
Civil Procedure, Contracts, Dispute Resolution & Arbitration, Environmental Law, Landlord Tenant Law, Water Law
(Industry: Manufacturing)

The statutory grounds provided by the Federal Arbitration Act (FAA) for expedited judicial review to confirm, vacate, or modify arbitration awards are...
03/25/2008 06-989

Washington State Grange v. Washington State Republican Party

United States Supreme Court
Constitutional Law, Elections, Government Law
Contrary to the Ninth Circuit's holding below, a 2004 initiative passed by Washington voters changing the state's primary election system is facially...
03/18/2008 06-713, 06-730

Boulware v. US

United States Supreme Court
Corporation & Enterprise Law, Criminal Law & Procedure, Tax Law, White Collar Crime
In the context of sections of the Internal Revenue Code that set the conditions for treating certain corporate distributions as returns of capital,...
03/03/2008 06-1509

Warner-Lambert Co. v. Kent

United States Supreme Court
Administrative Law, Civil Procedure, Drugs & Biotech, Health Law, Injury & Tort Law, Product Liability
In a one-line, per curiam opinion, the judgment below is affirmed by an equally divided Court. In a case involving Michigan legislation which...
03/03/2008 06-1498