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Ali v. Fed. Bureau of Prisons

Administrative Law, Criminal Law & Procedure, Government Law, Injury & Tort Law
In a case involving the scope of 28 U.S.C. section 2680, which carves out certain exceptions to the United States' waiver of sovereign immunity for...
01/22/2008 06-9130

Knight v. Comm'r of Internal Revenue

Probate, Trusts & Estates, Tax Law
In the context of the Internal Revenue Code, under which individuals may subtract from their taxable income certain itemized deductions, but only to...
01/16/2008 06-1286

New York State Bd. of Elections v. Torres

Constitutional Law, Elections, Government Law
New York's system of choosing party nominees for the State Supreme Court, in which political parties select their nominees for Supreme Court Justice...
01/16/2008 06-766

Stoneridge Inv. Partners, LLC v. Scientific-Atlanta, Inc.

Civil Procedure, Class Actions, Corporation & Enterprise Law, Securities Law
In a class action brought by investors alleging losses after purchasing common stock, the investors sought to impose liability on entities who, acting...
01/15/2008 06-43

John R. Sand & Gravel Co. v. US

Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Environmental Law, Government Law, Property Law & Real Estate
The special statute of limitations governing the Court of Federal Claims requires sua sponte consideration of the timeliness of a lawsuit filed in...
01/08/2008 06-1164

Arave v. Hoffman

Criminal Law & Procedure, Habeas Corpus
In habeas corpus proceedings brought by an individual convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to death, a circuit court judgment granting...
01/07/2008 07-110

Wright v. Van Patten

Criminal Law & Procedure, Habeas Corpus
Grant of habeas relief from a conviction and sentence for first-degree reckless homicide is reversed where, contrary to the ruling below, no clearly...
01/07/2008 07-212
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