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Limtiaco v. Camacho

United States Supreme Court
Civil Procedure, Government Law, Tax Law
In the context of the Guam Organic Act's debt-limitation provision, 48 U.S.C. section 1423a, Guam's debt limitation must be calculated according to...
03/27/2007 06-116

Rockwell Int'l Corp. v. US

United States Supreme Court
Administrative Law, Civil Procedure, Environmental Law, Government Law, Labor & Employment Law
In a qui tam suit under the False Claims Act brought by relator-former engineer against Rockwell arising from its operation of a nuclear weapons plant...
03/27/2007 05-1272

Travelers Cas. & Surety Co. of Am. v. Pac. Gas & Elec. Co.

United States Supreme Court
Attorney's Fees, Bankruptcy Law, Contracts, Insurance Law, Public Utilities
Federal bankruptcy law does not disallow contract-based claims for attorney's fees based solely on the fact that the fees were incurred litigating...
03/20/2007 05-1429

Sinochem Int'l Co. Ltd. v. Malaysia Int'l Shipping Corp.

United States Supreme Court
Admiralty, Civil Procedure, Commercial Law, International Law
A district court has discretion to respond at once to a defendant's forum non conveniens plea, and need not take up first any other threshold...
03/05/2007 06-102

Lance v. Coffman

United States Supreme Court
Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Elections, Government Law
In an action brought by Colorado citizens involving the constitutionality of a state constitutional provision limiting redistricting to once per...
03/05/2007 06-641

Whorton v. Bockting

United States Supreme Court
Criminal Law & Procedure, Evidence
Under the rules set out in Teague v. Lane, 489 U. S. 288 (1989), the Supreme Court's decision regarding the admissibility of testimonial hearsay...
03/01/2007 05-595