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Thai Plastic Bags v. US

United States Federal Circuit
Administrative Law, Commercial Law, International Trade
The decision of the United States Court of International Trade affirming the United States Department of Commerce's Final Results of the Fifth...
03/31/2014 2013-1322

Endo Pharmaceuticals Inc. v. Actavis, Inc.

United States Federal Circuit
Contracts, Drugs & Biotech, Intellectual Property, Patent
The district court's order denying plaintiff's motions for a preliminary injunction to prevent defendants from marketing and selling their respective...
03/31/2014 2013-1658

Senju Pharmaceutical Co. v. Apotex Inc.

United States Federal Circuit
Civil Procedure, Drugs & Biotech, Intellectual Property, Patent
Dismissal of a second patent infringement suit between the parties, on the same patent based on amended claims resulting from a re-examination of the...
03/31/2014 2013-1027

LaLonde v. HHS

United States Federal Circuit
Health Law, Injury & Tort Law
In an action brought under the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, the Court of Appeals properly upheld the special master's finding that...
03/28/2014 2013-5088

Shire Development, LLC v. Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

United States Federal Circuit
Drugs & Biotech, Intellectual Property, Patent
Judgment for plaintiff finding that defendant's product infringed plaintiff's patent, which claims a controlled-release oral pharmaceutical...
03/28/2014 2013-1409

Stone Lion Capital Partners v. Lion Capital, LLC

United States Federal Circuit
Intellectual Property, Trademark
The Trademark Trial and Appeal Board's decision refusing registration of the mark "STONE LION CAPITAL" proposed by the applicant due to a likelihood...
03/26/2014 13-1353

StoneEagle Services, Inc. v. Gillman

United States Federal Circuit
Constitutional Law, Intellectual Property, Patent, Trade Secrets
The district court's orders purporting to clarify a preliminary injunction and enjoining defendants from using various materials and processes first...
03/26/2014 13-1248

CMS Contract Management v. US

United States Federal Circuit
Government Contracts, Government Law
The Court of Federal Claims' denial of plaintiffs' request to set aside as unlawful the Department of Housing and Urban Development's (HUD)...
03/25/2014 13-5093

Brain Life, LLC v. Elekta Inc.

United States Federal Circuit
Civil Procedure, Intellectual Property, Patent
Summary judgment in favor of defendant, holding that plaintiff's patent infringement claim was barred on res judicata grounds is: 1) vacated in part...
03/24/2014 2013-1239

Abbey v. US

United States Federal Circuit
Government Law, Labor & Employment Law, Transportation
Judgment for plaintiff-air traffic controllers in an action against the government alleging that alleging that the Federal Aviation Administration's...
03/21/2014 2013-5009