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American Clinical Laboratory Association v. Azar

United States DC Circuit
Health Law, Civil Procedure
Reversed and remanded. The district court erred when it dismissed a complaint by a group of laboratories for lack of subject matter jurisdiction...
07/30/2019 18-5312

Cruz v. McAleenan

United States DC Circuit
Civil Rights, Civil Procedure
Reversed and remanded. An African-American female of Hispanic national origin formerly employed by the Department of Homeland Security alleged...
07/30/2019 17-5113

US v. McIlwain

United States DC Circuit
Sentencing, Criminal Law & Procedure
Vacated and remanded. A court's blanket refusal to reveal the sentencing recommendations of a probation officer was in error because the district...
07/26/2019 18-3087

In Re: Sealed Case

United States DC Circuit
Tax Law, Civil Procedure
Remanded. The Tax Court abused its discretion in denying a whistleblower award to an anonymous informant. Remanded to consider whether the appellant...
07/26/2019 17-1212

Olu-Cole v. E.L. Haynes Public Charter School

United States DC Circuit
Civil Rights, Civil Procedure, Education Law
Reversed. The district court wrongly denied a stay-put injunction for a disabled student because it placed the burden of proof on the student rather...
07/19/2019 18-7028

US v. Class

United States DC Circuit
Constitutional Law, Criminal Law & Procedure
Affirmed. The federal prohibition of the possession of firearms on the grounds of the US Capitol does not violate the Second Amendment or Due Process...
07/19/2019 15-3015

US v. Monzel

United States DC Circuit
Criminal Law & Procedure
Affirmed. The district court's order for damages in the case of a man convicted of child pornography was proper because the recalculation of the...
07/19/2019 16-3108

D.C. Association of Chartered Public Schools v. District of Columbia

United States DC Circuit
Civil Procedure, Education Law, Government Benefits
Vacated and remanded. The district court dismissed claims by a group of chartered schools complaining about school funding practices but the case was...
07/19/2019 17-7155

Idaho Conservation League v. Wheeler

United States DC Circuit
Environmental Law, Civil Procedure, Administrative Law
Petition denied. The Environmental Protection Agency's decision not to issue financial responsibility requirements for the hardrock mining industry...
07/19/2019 18-1141

National Labor Relations Board v. Ingredion Inc.

United States DC Circuit
Labor & Employment Law, Administrative Law
Petition denied. The petition for review of a National Labor Relations Board decision was supported by substantial evidence and contentions that the...
07/19/2019 18-1155