United States Ninth Circuit - June 2017 Opinion Summaries

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Godoy v. Spearman
United States Ninth Circuit
Habeas Corpus, Criminal Law & Procedure
Reversing the denial of a habeas corpus petition alleging improper outside influence on a jury in a murder trial and remanding to determine the...
06/30/2017 13-56024
Int'l Brotherhood of Teamsters v. US Dept. of Transportation
United States Ninth Circuit
Transportation, Civil Procedure, Commercial Law, International Trade
Denying petitions for review challenging the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's authority to issue permits for US long-haul operations to...
06/29/2017 15-70754
Window Rock Unified School District v. Nez
United States Ninth Circuit
Civil Procedure, Education Law, Labor & Employment Law
Reversing the district court's decision enjoining tribal forum proceedings in employment-related claims against two Arizona public school districts...
06/28/2017 13-16259
Sato v. Orange County Department of Education
United States Ninth Circuit
Contracts, Labor & Employment Law, Constitutional Law
Affirming the district court's dismissal of a former Orange County Department of Education employee's Fourteenth Amendment and breach of contract...
06/28/2017 15-56402
US v. Calvillo-Palacios
United States Ninth Circuit
Immigration Law, Criminal Law & Procedure, Sentencing
In the case of a Mexican national contesting a sentence for illegal reentry after deportation and appealing the revocation of sentence and supervised...
06/28/2017 16-10039
US v. Perez-Silvan
United States Ninth Circuit
Immigration Law, Criminal Law & Procedure, Sentencing
Sentence for illegal reentry after deportation is affirmed where even if the defendant's appeal from the judgment revoking supervised release had been...
06/28/2017 16-10177
Hardie v. NCAA
United States Ninth Circuit
Sports Law, Education Law, Constitutional Law, Civil Rights
In an action by an African American seeking to establish disparate-impact discrimination in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)'s...
06/27/2017 15-55576
Ground Zero Ctr. for Nonviolent Action v. US Department of the Navy
United States Ninth Circuit
Environmental Law
In an action alleging that the Navy hadn't fully complied with the National Environmental Policy Act's disclosure requirements regarding the expansion...
06/27/2017 14-35086
First Resort, Inc. v. Herrera
United States Ninth Circuit
Consumer Protection Law, Constitutional Law, False Advertising, Family Law
In a constitutional challenge to an ordinance designed to protect indigent women facing unexpected pregnancies from the harms posed by false or...
06/27/2017 15-15434
Oregon Prescription Drug Monitoring Program v. USDEA
United States Ninth Circuit
Constitutional Law, Drugs & Biotech, Civil Procedure
(Industry: Retail)

Reversing the district court order that the United States Drug Enforcement Administration's use of administrative subpeonas issued against Oregon's...
06/26/2017 14-35402

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